展覽名稱 Exhibition | 第十屆台新藝術獎入圍特展 The 10th Taishin Arts Award Exhibition

展覽時間 Date | 2012/04/28-2012/06/17

展覽地點 Venue | 台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taiepi

門票 Admission | 新台幣50元,NTD 50


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貼心小叮嚀 Note本展適合闔家觀賞 This exhibition is for general public.







The Taishin Arts Award, held by the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture with the full support of Taishin Financial Holdings, is given with the aim of recognizing and rewarding achievement and quality, and honors creative ideas and professional practice in the contemporary arts in Taiwan. In addition, it highlights some of the artistic and performance movements at work in the arts today. The Taishin Arts Award is planned and carried out with an eye toward the long-term participation and investment of professionals, to ensure that the artistic prizewinners have an improving effect on the domestic cultural environment, bringing together the arts and everyday people, and making a difference in society by invigorating ordinary people. It is also about drawing international attention to the vibrant artistic creativity in Taiwan.

The general ambience during the 2011 celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China, as well as the media excitement over the Taipei International Flora Expo was not enough to prevent purely artistic events from emerging into the spotlight. The annual Taishin Arts award, after preliminary nominations of more than 166 works (including nominees and individual submissions), set a new record in submissions. 

At the beginning of May, a jury made up of art experts in Taiwan and from abroad will select the winners and runners-up of this year’s 10th annual Taishin Arts Award from among the 15 submissions. Regardless of who emerges as the victor, to have been selected as a finalist for the annual exhibition it is already a difficult achievement, and artistic success is assured!

The exhibition of the finalists for the Taishin Arts Award was held in Kaohsiung for two successive years and has succeeded in familiarizing people in the south of the country and garnering interest. This year, it returns to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei for the 10th annual Finalists’ Exhibition. The show space is planned in a way that makes it an excellent opportunity for the general public to get close and firsthand experience of these masterworks. A special area will be established for a retrospective of this private Award’s previous 10 years, giving the public a chance to note the artistic successes and the creative resources of contemporary art in Taiwan accumulated over the years through this award.



表演藝術類入圍者及作品 Works in the Performing Arts category




 National Symphony Orchestra -2011TIFA-NSO Opera Concert—Elektra



 Ju Percussion Group Foundation-2011 Six-Mallet Marimba Concert by Wu, Pei-Ching 



  Dance Forum Taipei / Taipei Chinese Orchestra - 2011 Taipei Arts Festival—Eastern Tale



  Preparatory Office of the National Headquarters of Taiwan-Traditional Arts Guo Guang Opera Company - One Hundred Years On Stage



  Riverbed Theatre - Just for You Theatre Festival



 Forum Music - Forum Music and Les Percussions Claviers de Lyon—Légendes ! 



  Fantasy Theatre - Cheat to Cheat



  ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe - New Taiwanese Opera-Remembering An-Ping



  National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, R.O.C - On the Road by Cheng, Tsung-Lung



  HORSE Dance Theatre - Successor I, II, III


視覺藝術類入圍者及作品 Works in the Visual Arts category



 饒加恩─REM Sleep

 Jao, Chia-En - REM Sleep



  Li, Jun-Yang - Fairest Fairies Fair, Phû-lōng-kòng Blossom—Solo Exhibition of Ingenious Craftsman Jun-Yang



  Wu, Dar-Kuen (Curator)-【People’s Republic of China】— Republic without People




  Yao, Jui-Chung + Lost Society Document (LSD) - Mirage—Disused Public Property in Taiwan




  Tsai, Ming-Liang - The Theater in the Boiler Room




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