展覽名稱 | 胡說:八道─胡金銓 武藝新傳

Exhibition | King Hu: the Renaissance Man

展覽時間 Date | 2012/07/03-08/26

展覽地點 Venue | 當代館主展場 MOCA Taipei

門票 Admission | 新台幣50元,NTD 50


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King Hu was selected by International Film Guide in the UK as one of the top five international directors, and he was revered as a master of Chinese cinema. Also a pioneer of costume action films, Hu often based these films on historical legends and incorporated Asian aesthetics and modern artistic expression. In the 1950’s and 60’s, he developed a film genre described as having “culture within martial arts, and swordsman with Zen spirits.” The influence of his unique aestheticism is profound and extensive, and is an exceptional example for later researches and references.

今年適逢胡金銓導演八十冥壽,國際電影界紛紛推出胡氏電影作品的回顧展或學術探討活動,事實上,胡金銓除了蓋棺論定的電影成就之外,在其他領域如動畫、漫畫乃至生活美學面向,也有相當的興趣、投入和具體成果;目前收藏在國家電影資料館而未曾完整曝光的胡氏創作相關檔案,除了珍貴的文字筆記之外,圖像性的手稿不僅數量眾多,內容也相當精采,對於有興趣深入研究或完整瞭解胡金銓其人其藝者,這些創作筆記、手稿圖像都是不可錯漏的歷史檔案和文化資源。基於這樣的資源優勢,國家電影資料館和台北當代藝術館攜手合作,透過史料的整理再現加上後進的創作詮釋,於今年初夏推出以胡金銓導演為核心的【胡說:八道─胡金銓 武藝新傳】主題策畫展,除了藉機表彰胡氏對台灣、華人、世界電影界的貢獻和影響,也希望提供民眾悠遊觀賞、涵詠胡氏多元藝術創作的不同門道。

本展由國家電影資料館和台北當代藝術館共同策劃,除了創意展出一系列涵蓋胡金銓導演的電影創作、書法、動畫、漫畫等珍貴手稿,也特邀葉錦添、黃文英、黃美清、陳昌仁、吳俊輝、葉怡利等六位藝術家,運用不同媒材創製新作,他們或有心與胡金銓特定作品神交對話,或各自萃取胡氏電影裡膾炙人口的客棧、竹林、雲霧…等意象元素重新發揮,或以新世代之眼再探戲中男儒女俠、文謀武鬥和禪意哲學等不同橋段情節…,雖從不同角度發想和實踐,但是共享了「向胡金銓致敬」的 精神意義。

If King Hu were still alive, this year would mark his 80th birthday, and many film communities around the world are launching his retrospectives and also academic seminars. In addition to King Hu’s undeniable motion picture accomplishments, he was also dedicated in the fields of animation, comics, and even living aesthetics. There are many never-before-seen King Hu creative works collected by the Chinese Taipei Film Archive, with many notes and manuscripts, and for people interested in studying or understanding King Hu’s art, this collection is an important historical document and cultural heritage that one should not miss. With this resource, Chinese Taipei Film Archive and Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei have come together for this exhibition, and have come up with creative ways to exhibit Hu’s manuscripts of films, calligraphies, animations, and comics. Furthermore, six artists, Tim Yip, Wern Ying Hwarng, Meiching Huang, Leo Chanjen Chen, Tony Chunhui Wu, and Yi Li Yeh, have been invited to apply different media and artistic approaches to create artworks that connect with specific works by Hu, and some have based their works by extracting distinguished elements from Hu’s films, such as the inn, bamboo forest, and misty clouds. There are also works inspired by the male literati and swordswomen, battles of kung-fu and wit, and sequences with Zen spirits from Hu’s films, done with perspectives of the new generation. These artworks are created from diverse points of view with different approaches. However, they are all created to pay homage to King Hu.

為了本次特展,電影資料館也特邀李安、徐克、徐楓、王童和黃建業等名家錄製了專訪影片,加上法國導演胡伯特‧尼歐葛瑞(Hubert Niogret)於2011年所拍攝的48分鐘紀錄片《胡金銓》,這些精彩的言論和各家觀點,配合珍貴罕見的歷史畫面和眾人記憶猶新的胡金銓作品片段,相當有助於今日觀眾全方位地了解,胡金銓源自東方傳統美學而又富有現代獨創精神的電影藝術成就。

Additionally, interviews have been conducted by the Chinese Taipei Film Archive with renowned figures in cinema, such as Ang Lee, Hark Tsui, Feng Hsu, Tong Wang and Edmond Wong, and the French director Hubert Niogret’s 48-minute documentary, King Hu(2011), is also presented. Exceptional discussions and points of views shared by these important film cineastes in conjunction with rare footage and excerpts from Hu’s films have been brought together to offer to the public a comprehensive view of King Hu’s cinematic achievements, which are replete with traditional Asian aesthetics and yet, at the same time, accompanied by rich contemporary innovative spirits.

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