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我的聖城─成瑞嫻個展 Charting Sacred Territories

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Charting Sacred Territories: Holy Morphosis–A Solo Exhibition by Emily Cheng

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MOCA Studio

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成瑞嫻 Emily Cheng

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本展適合闔家觀賞  This exhibiton is for general public.

展覽介紹 About the Exhibition




If we look at the areas currently war-torn, we find that religious difference is at the heart of the problem. It is staggering to think that all religious purports are to promote altruism, love and brotherhood and yet killing is the means of communication and resolving differences. What is the connection between the spiritual aspects of finding god in oneself, and in others and the institutions created to formalize these ideas?

In looking at art history the majority of art has been commissioned by religious institutions or inspired by religious thought. For the last 20 years, the imagery in Emily Cheng’s work has come from religious sources from many cultures and periods. She is particularly interested in a quality that is hard to quantify, which is the element of devotion. It can be witnessed in particular objects that were made with great care and imagination. This quality is seldom talked about or seen in contemporary life, but can still be found in museums, churches, temples and mosques around the world. Emily Cheng is interested in finding, and transforming the visual artifacts we still have which possess these tender life-giving moments. In the religious artifacts, we find cultural links between countries and other religions. We can see which religions were in close proximity to each other by looking at the transmission of form.

參展藝術家 About the Artists





American-Chinese Artist, lives and works in New York

Emily Cheng was born in New York City and grew up in New Jersey. She became an artist because she loved to draw and paint as a child. She began taking art lessons outside of school on Saturdays when she was in 4th grade, and pretty much went to lessons or art camp every summer until college. Sundays she would often go to the art museum with her father, who painted as a hobby. These are some of her best memories as a child.

“I am interested in the subject of religion because religious artifacts make up the majority of the art objects from the last 3000 years. These objects give us clues to our beliefs, philosophies, histories and how we think today. I think it is a good time given world politics to think about religion in a big way, an overview to see all the religions co-existing simultaneously. “ by Emily Cheng


1975 羅得島設計學院美術學士

1977-79 紐約雕塑繪畫工作室學院

1975 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, BFA Painting

1977-79 New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture, New York, NY


2011 美國藝術家獎

2010 波洛克‧卡斯納藝術獎助

1996 紐約基金會藝術獎助

1995 雅朵基金會獎助

1982-1983 國家優秀藝術獎助

2011 United States Artists Award

2010 Pollock Krasner Fellowship

1996 Receives a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship

1995 Receives a Yaddo Fellowship

1982-1983 Receives a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship


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作品介紹 About the Artworks



Charting Sacred Territories: Holy Morphosis is an attempt to create a big picture of world religion. It is an exploration into the visual expressions of devotional practice, and additionally a personal journey into the vast terrain of the world’s belief systems. The sources for my paintings and drawings are the rich visual motifs, icons, decorative embellishments and architectural floor plans of the major religions. The work is the result of my research into some of the most compelling images in history, and my subsequent reinterpretation and configuration of these images to make contemporary paintings that connect to our histories. In the painting, Branches of Beliefs, Eastern and Western, which lay out the various sects, denominations and groups— decorative motifs from different religions sometimes overlap- indicating connections between the histories of these religions. I hope to give the viewer an experience of visualizing and thus perhaps comprehending the sheer multitude of different groups actively practicing different belief systems simultaneously across this planet.