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夜越台北-大衛‧維貝克影像展 Nocturnal Taipei

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Nocturnal Taipei - An Exhibition of Image Art by David Verbeek

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MOCA Studio

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本展適合闔家觀賞 This exhibiton is for general public

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After making the film RU There in Taipei in 2009, the films and creative journey of Dutch director Verbeek have had an indissoluble tie to this land. Visiting Taiwan more than a dozen times, carrying his case through towns and cities, Verbeek is adept at capturing the charm of Taiwan with his lens, through highly sensitive aperture and shutter displaying the charm of authentically Taiwanese images.

Verbeek is a regular at international film festivals and his film RU There, shown in this exhibition, was selected for participation in the Un Certain Regard category of the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and was then shown at 56 important film festivals around the world, placing the culture of Taiwan center stage in many different countries. After a brief public showing at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in 2010, the film was shown free for five successive weeks at MOCA, giving local audiences a chance to appreciate how Taiwan and Taipei are seen through the eyes of a European director. The showing of the film in an art museum also reflects the cultural manifestation model of art films being appreciated within the scope of contemporary art.

Nocturnal Taipei, another series of works in this exhibition, features 65 photographs, taken in the city by night, shown alternately by projector, light box and digital photo frame; different media, different playing speed and frequency combine to give Nocturnal Taipei sparklingly seductive charm, and open a secret night window through which the people of Taiwan can peep at the city. 

參展藝術家 About the Artists

大衛‧維貝克 David Verbeek

1980 出生於阿姆斯特丹,2007年起居住工作於上海與台北

1980 born in Amsterdam, lives and works in Shanghai and Taipei since 2007

維貝克於2005年碩士畢業於荷蘭阿姆斯特丹電影學院,就學期間以500歐元之低成本拍攝劇情長片「Beat」入選鹿特丹國際電影節。之後他於中國大陸、台灣、香港等亞洲城市居住與工作,2007年與2011年於大陸拍攝「迷樂上海」與「宙斯俱樂部」兩部電影,贏得鹿特丹國際電影節金虎獎等獎項。2009年於台灣所拍攝的劇情長片《R U There》,以沉迷於虛擬世界的新世代年輕人為創作題材,內容意涵深刻,入選2010坎城影展「特別關注」(Un Certain Regard)單元。2012年完成第2部台灣電影《How to Describe a Cloud》,持續以台灣文化為創作元素,與本土演員與劇組合作,優異的表現備受矚目。除了電影外,大衛‧維貝克同時進行平面攝影的創作,以亞洲城市文化為題材,完成如【新地色彩】、【夜台北】等一系列散發獨特魅力的影像作品。

David Verbeek graduated in Directing from Amsterdam's Film Academy, in 2005. During his second year there, he directed the feature film Beat with a budget of only 500 euro's. It was selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. After graduating he left for China, returning three years later with his second feature film Shanghai Trance. The film was selected for the Tiger Award Competition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam as well as numerous international festivals.

He shot third feature filmR U There in Taiwan, a Dutch/French/co-production. It is an exploration of the virtual world in which the younger generation is so deeply immersed. The film got selected to Un Certain Regard in Cannes.

Along with his film production, he has been engaged with photography and has finished photo series of Colors of the New Land and Nocturnal Taipei.

1998 幽閉恐懼症 (導演, 腳本, 攝影, 剪接) 紐約/16mm/12分鐘
1999 空虛 (導演, 腳本, 剪接) 紐約/16mm/14分鐘
2000 靠近一點 (導演, 腳本, 剪接) 紐約/16mm/18分鐘
2001 彼此的氛圍 (導演, 腳本) Betacam SP/20分鐘
2004 永遠的11  (導演) 荷蘭電視電影學院/16mm/15分鐘

2004 電視影集系列「玉蘭」 (導演, 腳本) VPRO/50分鐘/HD Video

2005 畢業電影製作「自殺假期」 (導演) 荷蘭電視電影學院/16 mm/28分鐘

2006 旋律Z  (導演, 腳本) 上海/20分鐘/HD video/短片

2007 迷樂上海  (導演, 腳本) 劇情長片/122分鐘/35mm

2009 R U THERE 台北/90分鐘/35 mm/劇情長片 

2011 宙斯俱樂部  (導演, 腳本) 上海/70分鐘/HD 

2012 How to Describe a Cloud(作品後製中)台灣台北、福隆
2013 Full Contact(已宣佈)法國巴黎


1998 Claustrophobia (director – writer – camera –editor) New York/16mm film/12 min

1999 Void (director – writer - editor) New York/16 mm film /14 min

2000 Getting Closer (director – writer – editor)New York/16 mm film/18 min  

2001 Tussensfeer (director – writer) Betacam SP/20 min

2004 Beat (director, co- writer, editor)Rotterdam/video/78 min/ an independently produced film.

2004 November Always (director) NFTA, 16 mm film, 15 min.

2005 Final Exam Film “Suicideholiday” at the Dutch Film and Television Academy (director) 28 min.

2006 Melody Z(writer, director) (20 minutes) HD video, Short film shot in Shanghai.

2007 Shanghai Trance (writer, director) (122 Minutes) 35 mm.

2009 R U THERE(director, co-writer) (90 Minutes) 35 mm, feature film in Taipei.

2011 Club Zeus(writer, director) (76 min) Shanghai,China.

2012 How to Describe a Cloud (Post-production) Taipei and Fulong, Taiwan

2013 Full Contact (Announced) Paris, France



以上海,香港,深圳,北京,台北及東京等地城市風貌為主題,作品於阿姆 斯特丹電影博物館、及上海GIN美術館展出。




2008 Photo Series Colors of the New Land

Urban landscapes of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Taipei & Tokyo, presented in the FilmMuseum Gallery in Amsterdam and GIN Gallery inShanghai.

2011 Photo Series Nocturnal Taipei

2012 presented at Moca Taipei