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The Future That Never Comes-Solo Exhibition of Huang Zan Lun

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台北當代藝術館MOCA Studio

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黃贊倫 Huang Zan Lun

展覽介紹 About the Exhibition


The Future That Never Comes—Solo Exhibition of Huang Zan Lun


In the history of mankind, the birth of past, present, and future civilizations were mostly or would possibly be accompanied with wars and victories enabled by newly invented weaponry. When could humanity venture into a new civilization without plundering?


於本次展覽中,藝術家意圖將人類最初始對於「即將到來」(yet to come)之事物的慾望與想像;將那一份關乎往後美好世界的期待與盼望,逐步地推衍為一種未來「尚未到來」的待續時態,同時形成一種純粹而又未可知的力量,不斷地誘引著我們去期盼下一個將臨的文明。基此,本次展覽場域被定錨在「未來戰後的未來」此一弔詭的時空之中,存在於其中的作品──無論是平面繪畫、動力機械,甚或是空間及錄像裝置──皆以「機器人」的形象呈現。然而這些為了代替我們贏取未來之爭所建造的機器人們,它們的使命卻早已不再是為了上戰場爭勝,而是被視為是講述與紀錄未來戰爭歷史的重要文物。

In the exhibition, the artist delineates human being's desire and imagination of the things that are yet to come and gradually reveals our hope and expectation for a better future through presenting a suspended moment in time when the future has not arrived yet. This approach creates a pure and unknown force that fuels our anticipation for the next civilization to come. To achieve his goal, the artist creates a curious space-time in the exhibition that captures "the future after future wars," and the artworks on view, whether paintings, kinetic machinery, spatial or video installation, show robotic forms. However, these robots that are supposed to win the future for mankind are no longer fighting for mankind in battlefields. Instead, they are significant artefacts that document and speak the history of future wars.




In The Future That Never Comes, Huang illustrates his thinking of meta-narratives and depicts a different space-time and position by juxtaposing the virtual and the real and interweaving the future and the present. As we are transported to and immersed in the future, Huang creates an opportunity for us to detect the absent body and vision in the progress of civilization when we wonder how we should imagine and take on the risk of the unknown. Perhaps, the future will never come.  

參展藝術家 About the Artists

藝術家介紹 Artist Introduction

黃贊倫 Huang Zan Lun


Huang Zan Lun was born in Yilan, Taiwan in 1979. He now lives and works in Yilan and Taipei.


Huang holds a BFA from National Taiwan University of Arts and a MFA from Taipei National University of the Arts. He has held solo exhibitions in Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts and Taipei Artist Village, and his works have been shown in a five-year international touring exhibition organized by Vitra Design Museum in Germany as well as in Asolo Art Film Festival in Italy. Huang's work focuses on the mixture and hybrid of biology and machine, which unfolds a multilayered dialectic discourse between human self-awareness and the external environment.

作品介紹 About the Artworks

空襲〉Air Raid、搶灘Beachhead


The two works use sounds and dialogues from war films; however, the film characters are replaced by various shapes of flashing light. Each character is shown in a monitor as if each monitor were a soldier, and the soldiers were involved in and connected by their dialogues. Through the works, the artist explores the reality of war: is it truly horrific with shooting bullets and bloodshed? Or, is it simply a constructed reality on screen created by media?

空襲〉Air Raid


HD-LCD Screens, Multi-Media Players, Loudspeake, Mirror Glass

尺寸因空間而異 Dimensions Variable



錄像、CRT監視器螢幕、壓克力 Video, CRT Monitor Screens Acrylic Box

尺寸因空間而異 Dimensions Variable


控制Control Freak


Horses have been used as a form of transportation by humans for centuries. Robots represent an agent to  convey human feelings. The artist combines both and blurs the distinction between real life and mechanical replication to explore the existence and meaning of life, which might be re-defined in the near future.

控制Control Freak

油畫顏料、金箔、銅箔、炭精 Oil on Canvas, Golden Foil, Copper Foil, Charcoal Stick

210x154 cm


標本The Type Specimen


The term "specimen" refers to a preserved item from the past. However, the specimen sealed in this classically decorated container is a robot unfamiliar to people of today. The work is a metaphor for human's vision of the future when the existence of mankind might eventually become history. How do we imagine this future? Is it a future that we are able to contemplate on?

標本The Type Specimen


FRP, Machine Elements, Acrylic Tube, Laser Cutting Stainless Steel, Golden Foil, Medium Density Fiberboard, LED Light Tube, Music

120x60 cm


真實的笑容 I、II Real Smile IReal Smile II


In the foreseeable future, artificial intelligence (AI) will become very common in our life and will be integrated into machines that carry out errands and tasks for humans. If AI is capable of imitating human emotions and simulating responses, is a robot's smile a pre-programmed response or genuine joy? Are the smiling eyes gazing at a beautiful world or something that modern man still lack and cannot envision?

真實的笑容 I、II Real Smile I, Real Smile II

油畫顏料、金箔、銅箔、炭精 Oil on Canvas, Golden Foil, Copper Foil, Charcoal Stick

86x126 cm


模仿 Monkey See, Monkey Do


Robots are based on the imitation of humanity, which is the opposite of imitating inorganic movement. Monkey See, Monkey Do shows a robotic girl holding a pair of antlers and trying to imitating a deer. In his case, how can we be sure that the lifelike little girl robot is not real?

模仿 Monkey See, Monkey Do


Oil on Canvas, Golden Foil, Copper Foil, Charcoal Stick

126x172 cm


天堂路 The Road to Hell


The Road to Hell shares the name of the last barrier in the final test for marine soldiers before their training is completed. It symbolizes the courage and perseverance one needs to face the barrier. The work reveals a path paved with sharp-edged capacitors, metal pins, computer motherboards, and other IC parts, and conveys the idea courage and perseverance are still necessary have in the virtual world of the technological era. Nevertheless, it remains a question whether the road leads to heaven or hell.

天堂路 The Road to Hell


Scraped Machine Components of Computers, Cars and motorcycles, Epoxy Resin

100x350 cm


搖搖馬The Coin Operated Rocking Horse


The artist combines an electric rocking horse with a futuristic robot that is holding a piece of WWII weaponry in its hands. Interweaving the history of wars and a vision of the future civilization, the work proposes a question: would human being ever be able to venture into a new civilization without wars and weapons? The nursery rhyme, "Doll Country," is also incorporated into the work because of its lyrics, which talk about military creeds.  

搖搖馬The Coin Operated Rocking Horse


FRP, Machine Elements, Laser Cutting of Stainless Steel, Golden Foil, Music, Kar-98K Rifle

270x200x90 cm


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講座時間:2017/03/05 Sun. 14:30-16:00


主       持:邱誌勇/北京師範大學-香港浸會大學聯合國際學院文化與創意學院署理院長

與      談:黃贊倫/藝術家、陳鎮川/知名音樂製作人

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備       註:免費入場參加,請事先至當代館官網預約報名。