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【公共藝術 Public Art】

《給你一個ㄓㄗㄢˋ  SuperWOW》捷運忠孝復興站公共藝術設置(已卸除)

捷運忠孝復興站是台北 市人氣最旺的車站之一,熙來人往的乘客,有的忙著轉車、有的趕著上下班,也有衝著附近百貨商圈,來此逛街購物、或等候朋友。這裡乘載著大都會生活的縮影, 滿溢著擦肩而過人群的現實與夢想,「給你一個ㄓㄗㄢˋ」是專為忠孝復興站量身打造,提供往來民眾美感訊息的一個藝術展覽專案,本展的策畫理念是:「放慢八 個腳步、欣賞七組藝術、讓你的生活更豐富!」

Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station is the busiest station in Taipei.  From the many passengers gathered here, some are hustling to transfer to another station; some are busy trying to get to work or home; and some are heading straight to the nearby department stores to shop or meet up with friends.  This destination is a microcosm of the big city life, with people coming and going to fulfill their reality and dream.  Give a "Like" is an art project specially designed for the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station, and its purpose is to provide to the passersby a beautiful message through the curatorial concept of “Slow down your steps by eight counts to appreciate these seven artworks, and let your life become more fulfilled and enriched!” 


這 個具有「公共藝術」意涵的特展,由國泰世華銀行與台北捷運公司共同主辦,台北當代藝術館策畫承辦,參展的台灣藝術家群包括:P714、kowei、 Shasha、emmaAparty、張育嘉、黃風然與翁文堂,他們各自以形式簡明、風格親切的繪本、動畫、袖珍模型和動態光像元件結合,呈現了台北不同 面向的生活主題和都會風情,除了可供人們逐一觀賞、細細閱讀,這些作品的集結,也聯合發揮詮釋了台北都會生活的豐盈內容和快樂基調!「給你一個ㄓㄗㄢˋ」 的參展藝術家們,共同期望的是,觀眾朋友能延伸忠孝復興「站」裡的藝術閱讀,進而去關注、想像和體驗台北生活當下及未來的「讚」!

This special exhibition with “public art” elements is sponsored by Cathay United Bank, presented by Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, and organized by MOCA Taipei.  The exhibiting Taiwanese artists include: P714, kowei, Shasha, emmaAparty, Chang Yu-Chia, Huang Feng-jan, and Wen Tang-Weng.  With their own unique, uncomplicated, friendly illustration, animation, miniature model, moving light and visual integration work, the many facets of the urban life in Taipei are presented.  In addition to bring people closer to see and appreciate the art, the artworks also jointly convey to people the sense of joy and liveliness contained in the city of Taipei!  The artists for Give a "Like" have a mutual anticipation, which is for people to extend their experience with art inside this MRT station into further care, thoughts, and visions for a more “likeable” present and future lives in Taipei. 



資訊發達、溝通便捷的網路時代,「臉書/Facebook」迅速發展成為人際交流和訊息交換的超級平台與生活工具,「給你一個讚!」這個簡明、有力、親切、 在地化的中文詞語,是臉書世界最當下流行的口頭禪,它廣被應用於描述對人對事的正向感覺,例如「好音樂,讚!好生活,讚!好照片,讚!好靈感,讚!用最簡 單的方式,給你/ 妳一個讚!」也因為強調彼此之間好的Fu,在臉書這個虛擬的世界裡,你可以連鎖反應地很快結識一群新朋友,與人分享自己的生活經,同時閱聽網友張貼的心情 譜。

In this cyber era of rapid information, “Facebook” has rapidly become a platform for people to connect and exchange information.  On this social network, the act of giving a “Like” is a direct and friendly gesture.  This exchange on “Facebook” has become so popular that the act of giving a “Like” has become a colloquial phrase in Taiwan that could be utilized in everyday occurrences, such as giving a “Like” to great music, great occasion, great photo, or great inspiration!  This simple act of expressing one’s fondness allows people to meet new friends in the virtual world of Facebook, where people are able to share their lives and also take part in the different tidbits that their internet friends post online.   


反觀在捷運「站」這個真實的環境中,我們與迎面而來、似曾相識的人擦肩而過, 各自匆忙,避免彼此之間的視線碰撞與眼神交會,禮貌變成了冷漠的一種藉口, 而冷漠也變成了都會人之間的一種互動公式。「給你一個ㄓㄗㄢˋ」這個特展,希望打開人際之間的防火牆,喚醒古來「四海之內皆兄弟」的理想和豪氣,讓台北人 以一張一張親切的笑臉,共創每日都讚的國際微笑都市形象。

However, looking at the real setting inside the MRT station, people that we encounter are always busy with their own things, and eye contacts seem to be deliberately avoided.  Etiquette has become an excuse for aloofness, and this aloofness has turned into a formula for coexistence amongst people in the city.  Give a "Like" hopes to open up the firewall between people and to remind them of the optimism and delight in the concept of “There are no strangers in the world. Only friends we have not met.”  As smiles are put on the faces of people in Taipei, let us give a “Like” to this city of happiness.  



Slow down your steps by eight counts to appreciate these seven artworks, and let your life become more fulfilled and enriched!  We want to give you a station worthy to give a “Like” to, and we hope that each of us will continue to push our own “Like” buttons in our everyday lives.



藝術家 Artist:kowei、EmmaAparty、P714、陳薇(Wei Chen)、

       黃風然(Feng Jan Huang)、張育嘉(Yu Chia Chang)

地點 Venue:台北捷運忠孝復興站  Taipei MRT Zongxiao-Fuxing Station