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Spellbound Aura : The New Vision of Chinese Photography

發行 Published by : 台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taipei

初版 First published in:2004年3月 March, 2004


定價 Price:新台幣 NTD 700

頁數 Pages:192 頁

展覽簡介 About the Exhibition:


“Spellbound Aura: The New Vision of Chinese Photography” was another exhibition idea that emerged in 1999 after the Taiwanese curator, Prof. Victoria Lu, and I introduced contemporary Taiwanese art in Beijing (“Visions of Pluralism: Contemporary Art in Taiwan, 1988-1999”). If one were to describe the former exhibition’s unidirectional output as an expression of a personal goal in the field of art administration, than the “dual” curatorial arrangement of the present exhibition comes from a desire, which developed after my understanding of art on both sides of the Taiwan Strait deepened to use my position to create and give the cross-strait contemporary art community an opportunity for cross-reference and shared glory. Under the shade of post-modernism, multimedia uptake and cross-identity have become the common vocabulary of contemporary art, Photography will inevitably become the best surface feature of the era of optoelectronic technology. For its speed, reproducibility and convenience, its ability to simulate things and capacity for a multiplicity of memories, it has become a much-favored medium for this century’s contemporary artists.


Digital SublimeNew ‧ Masters of Universe

發行 Published by : 台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taipei

初版 First published in:2004年6月 June, 2004


定價 Price:新台幣 NTD 750

頁數 Pages:191 頁

展覽簡介 About the Exhibition:


Wonil RHEE, the Korean curator of “Digital Sublime: New Masters of the Universe,” which takes “Luna’s Flow” as its thematic concept, presents a kind of aesthetic concept centering on “the flow of moonlight” and “the sublime.” He uses new digital forms of lighting as moonlight, a metaphor for earthly change, and aims to achieve a kind of transcendent sublimation via this new visual effect. The poetic, fluid, digital light realm alters the way we think about time and space. The virtual realm generated under this new light source and the use of the dynamic language of light, shadow and digital code not only let people place themselves in a situation transcending reality but also go on to enter a wireless network, an ideal, sublime realm of the transmission of desire. This is imagination that passes through a collection of images and screens and is projected toward the city. It is super-controlled with a mouse. It is imagination dragged through a fluid space constructed of a limitless, fantastic realm of screens. This urban-style interaction anticipates urban spaces of light and shadow created by new media.


Fiction Love

發行 Published by : 台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taipei

初版 First published in:2004年9月 September, 2004


定價 Price:新台幣 NTD 680

頁數 Pages:249 頁

展覽簡介 About the Exhibition:


Fiction.Love—Ultra New Vision In Contemporary Art , by means of the conversion between comics and contemporary art, presents a new aesthetic view that originated from Asia and outside Western Art, exploring the developing direction of the contemporary art at the beginning of the 21st century, hopes to enlarge the number of audience for art museum in Taiwan. Artists presented in the exhibition are from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, USA, Europe and China. Apart from graphics, the exhibition also includes computer techniques and internet application. It allows artists to express their view extracted from animation and comics culture for this new generation by art installation. They apply different media in their works to show that,underneath the vivid and bright cover of the artworks, they actually want to have dialogue and interaction with the rapidly changed culture under the influence of animation and comics. 


Cities - Nomads - Rumors

發行 Published by : 台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taipei

初版 First published in:2004年11月 November, 2004


定價 Price:新台幣 NTD 800

頁數 Pages:188 頁

展覽簡介 About the Exhibition:

【城市謠言:華人建築2004】邀請包括來自大陸、香港、新加坡、台灣,共八個城市十七人/組的華人中/新生代建築師/藝術家,對新世紀城市與建築的走向,以各自角度提出詮釋與回應,並發展出展覽的兩大主題:「紅樓夢」為呼應華人文化主體性的思考;「黃禍」則藉由蒙古帝國橫掃歐亞的歷史事件,衍生對當代都市新游牧現象的探討。《B.O.T. NATION:2010》計劃針對近來民間參與投資公共建築(建設─營運─轉移)的新趨勢,在建築與商業權力結合、具品牌效益世界級建築大師被積極引進之後,對台灣當代建築介於全球與地域化的關係提出一整合的討論。

Seventeen Chinese individuals or groups made up of middle-aged or young architects and artists from eight cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan are included in The Rumor of China Towns: Chinese Architecture 2004. From their own perspectives, they present their interpretations of and responses to the developmental directions of cities and architecture in the new century, and these have been developed into the two main themes of the exhibition: “The Dream of The Red Chamber” responds to thoughts on the subjectivity of Chinese culture; “Yellow Peril” explores the new nomad phenomenon in contemporary cities as having derived from the Mongols sweeping through Eurasia. “B.O.T. Nation: 2010” presents an integrated discussion of the extreme tension within Taiwanese contemporary architecture between globalization and localization, after private investment has been encouraged in public construction projects (under the build-operate-transfer or B.O.T. model) in recent years, which has further combined architecture with the power of business and attracted the involvement of world-class “brand-name” architects.


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