Hours & Admission

Open Hours

Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00 (Tickets sold until 17:30) Closed on Mondays


  • General Admission

    • General Admission.

      NT$ 100

  • Discounted Admission

    • Visitors with valid ID in the following categories.

      NT$ 50

      • Taipei citizens.
      • Military and police personnel, veteran, retired civil servant.
      • Student ID of junior high school level or above.
      • Visitors with MoCArd who purchase extra tickets.
  • Group Admission

    • Groups buying 20 or more admissions per purchase.

      NT$ 80

  • Free Admission

    • Free entry for visitors who meet the following criteria:


      • Children under age 6 accompanied by an adult.
      • Visitors with disabilities accompanied by a caregiver.
    • Visitors with valid ID in the following categories:


      • MoCArd members
      • Taiwan (R.O.C.) elementary school students
      • Licensed tour guides
      • Recipients of income support
      • Senior citizen card (Taiwanese seniors aged 65 and above)
      • Members of International Council of Museums (ICOM、AICA、AAA Press Card)
      • Members of the Chinese Association of Museums (CAM)
      • Teachers and students of Taipei City Municipal Jiancheng Junior High School
      • Service Honor Card
      • Indigenous people aged 55 and above, registered in Taipei City
  • Special Free Admission

    • FREE

      • 1.
        Family Day: Every Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays, 10:00-12:00 families can visit the museum free of charge.
      • 2.
        Community Day: Every Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-12:00, free entry for visitors with valid Datong Residence Certificate (limited to the card-holder)
      • 3.
        School Day: Every Tuesday to Friday, 10:00-17:00, free entry for student groups accompanied by a teacher. Student group visit are only free once booked and confirmed by the museum two weeks in advance.


  • Ticket Refund

      • 1.
        Tickets are only valid on the date of purchase.
      • 2.
        Unused tickets can be refunded on the date of purchase at the ticketing counter before 17:30.
      • 3.
        Tickets that are lost, damaged or used cannot be refunded or reissued.
  • Visitor Guidelines

    • When visiting the museum, please abide by the following rules to help maintain the integrity of the exhibition and artworks and create a pleasant experience for others and yourself.

      • 1.
        Luggage and personal belongings larger than A4 size (21cm*30cm) and wider than 9 cm must be placed in the locker before entering the exhibition space.
      • 2.
        Eating, drinking and chewing gums or betel nuts are not allowed.
      • 3.
        Please do not touch the artwork.
      • 4.
        Please do not use flashlight, tripods and selfie sticks when taking pictures.
      • 5.
        Filming, recording and live broadcasting are not allowed.
      • 6.
        Pets are not allowed, except for assistance dogs or police dogs. The museum does not provide pet drop off services.


Notice Copyright & Privacy Policy

Copyright Notice

MOCA Taipei holds a high respect for the copyright of others, and it is stated in MOCA Taipei’s terms of service that any user of the museum’s service shall not infringe on others’ copyright. Therefore, MOCA Taipei hereby ask all our users to respect others’ copyright. If you think any of the content on MOCA Taipei’s website or anyone using MOCA Taipei’s service has infringed on your copyright, we strongly advice to you to file a complaint according to the regulations stated below, and MOCA Taipei customer service center will initiate related procedures as soon as possible.

  • Regulations Governing the Report on Copyright Infringement

    If any of the content on MOCA Taipei’s website or anyone using MOCA Taipei’s service has infringed on your copyright, please fill out the “Copyright Infringement Notice,” provide the information and statements listed on the notice, and send them to MOCA Taipei via fax.

    1. Signature of the copyright owner or the signature of the proxy of the copyright owner; document proving the ownership of the copyright and the copyrighted contents, i.e. the cover and related pages of a publication, print-outs of webpage contents and the URL.

    2. The webpage and URL containing the contents that cause the copyright infringement.

    3. Your contact address and phone number.

    4. A written statement stating that you believe the use of the webpage content is without the consent of the copyright owner, the proxy of the copyright owner, or the authorization of the law.

    5. A written statement confirming that the information you state in the notice is truthful and you hereby make the statement as the copyright owner or the proxy of the copyright owner.

  • MOCA Taipei’s principle of handling the report on copyright infringement:

    1. MOCA Taipei will remove the webpage content claimed to cause the copyright infringement as soon as possible after receiving your notice, and will inform the user about the infringement via email. If the said user objects to said infringement, MOCA Taipei can provide your name, email or phone number to said user so that direct communication can be achieved to resolve the dispute.

    2. According to MOCA Taipei’s privacy policy and related regulations, MOCA Taipei is only allowed to provide a user’s personally identifiable information to a third party by the request of the law or a governmental agency unless said user agrees or for the purpose of providing a service. Therefore, when you file a report, MOCA Taipei will only remove the contents causing the copyright infringement, and will not provide you any personally identifiable information of said user. If you wish to obtain the user’s information, a legal proceeding must be filed at the District Prosecutor’s Office or the Criminal Investigation Bureau, who will issue an official letter to MOCA Taipei requesting the user’s information. In the case, MOCA Taipei will comply accordingly.

Privacy and Data Protection Policy

MOCA Taipei values user’s privacy very much and has implemented the following privacy and data protection policy, which is listed below for your reference.

The privacy and data protection policy includes MOCA Taipei’s management of personal identifiable information collected when providing users the website service as well as MOCA Taipei’s management of any personal identifiable information shared between the museum and our business partners.

The privacy and data protection policy is not applicable to any enterprise other than MOCA Taipei, nor does it apply to those that are not staff or managements employed by MOCA Taipei.

When you register a MOCA Taipei account, use MOCA Taipei’s products or services, browse MOCA Taipei’s website, take part in related promotional activities or gifting programs, MOCA Taipei will collect your personal identifiable information. MOCA Taipei is also allowed to obtain said information from our business partners.

When you register a MOCA Taipei account, you will be asked to provide your name, email, date of birth, sex, work title, field of profession and personal interests. Once your registration is successful and the account is successfully logged into for the use of our service, we will be able to recognize you.

MOCA Taipei also automatically receive and record the server data on your browser, including IP address, the information in MOCA Taipei’s cookie and the record of visited webpages.

MOCA Taipei uses the information for the following purposes: to improve advertisement and webpage contents provided for you, to complete your request for a certain product and to notify you about a special event or new project.

MOCA Taipei will not sell or loan your personal identifiable information to anyone.

In the following circumstances, MOCA Taipei will provide your personal identifiable information to a governmental agency, an individual or a company.

To obtain your consent before sharing the information with other individuals or companies.

To provide a requested product or service, which requires sharing your information with other individuals or companies.

To provide a requested product or service, which requires providing the information to companies providing the product or service on behalf of MOCA Taipei. (Without our notice in advance, these companies will not have the right to use the personal information we provided for purposes other than provide a product or service.

To abide the law or the request of a governmental agency.

When an action on the website violates MOCA Taipei’s terms of service or the specific user’s guidelines of a product or service.

Other information required to be disclosed by the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law or other regulations.

To protect user’s privacy and personal data, MOCA Taipei is not allowed to look up other user’s account information for you. Should you need to look up someone else’s information due to legal issues, please contact the police to file a legal proceeding. MOCA Taipei will fully cooperate with the police to provide necessary information to assist with the investigation and solve the case.

MOCA Taipei will access your computer setup to extract MOCA Taipei’s cookie.

MOCA Taipei allows the companies that place advertisements on the museum website to access your computer setup and extract cookies. Other companies will follow their own privacy and data protection policies to use cookies instead of MOCA Taipei’s policy. Other advertisers or companies are not allowed to extract MOCA Taipei’s cookie.

When MOCA Taipei conducts tasks related to our products and services, web beacons are used to access our website network to use cookies.

MOCA Taipei’s users have the right to revise their personal MOCA Taipei account information and set up personal preferences anytime, including the option as to whether you would like to receive notifications about special events or new products.

Based on the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law, when the purpose of using your personal information expires, MOCA Taipei will provide the service to delete your account and data. However, to do so, please contact us via telephone.

MOCA Taipei adopts a method that conforms to the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law to protect your personal information.

To protect your privacy and safety, the data in your MOCA Taipei account will be password-protected.

Under some circumstances, MOCA Taipei uses the standard SSL security system to ensure the safety of data transmission.

MOCA Taipei has the right to revise our policies at any time necessary. When the regulations regarding using personal information are extensively revised, public announcements will be made on our website to inform you about the revisions.

Please tell us your ideas and suggestions here.